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All right Right, yes it's fine, all you do is right Right, yes it's fine, all you say is right I hear no stammering, spluttering, stuttering You're only mean when humbling me You're not afraid to show your hands Cause you know they're clean You are such a model, man And for sure I understand It's not a big deal It just slipped out If I disagree then I'm out of my mind There's no need to grin and tell me twice Right, yes it's fine, all you do is right Right, yes it's fine, all you say is right All you say is… Don't make such a scene I know what it takes and make no mistakes Cause I'm not the one to take the blame The deed's speaking for itself, you see There's no denying I'm a real pro Making and giving a brilliant show Get scattered already and go back home I really did it well And I'll do it again Right, yes it's fine, all you do is right Right, yes it's fine, all you do is right Well, you know what is best and what is right No fucking doubt You got nothing but pride Looking back with no shame at all I'm impressed, I can't wait to clap on What the hell will you do next time I can bet that all will be justified Even if a little harm's done To kill a fly you gotta bring out the big guns Right, yes it's fine, all you do is right Right, yes it's fine, all you do is right Right, yes it's fine, all you do is right All right, yes it's fine, all you do is right Yeah right, yes it's fine, all you say is right All right, yes it's fucking all right, all you do is right
Hear the story of Mr... Mr… spent all his life in jail Well, a lot of time You know this kind of guy He totally rules the place Everyone bows Knows to shut up when he's around But, in a few days Mr… is gonna get out But what is wrong with the guy? He's very nervous and anxious What is he afraid of, today's the day! /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Why are U afraid of being out of jail ? You’re gonna get free man Are u afraid of freedom ? Hey! Mr illerlight, will you make it out? /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Mr… is now in the open air He looks uneasy yet This big and loudmouth guy My, what can make him scared? He feels kinda lost Like a coin that you tossed On the wrong side How big can he really be When the city's spreading endless streets? Now he's such a small guy Hiding and looking and listening Everyone else knows what they're doing What is he supposed to do? What to do, what to do… Well, now you're in the place You're totally free, man! Why are you petrified? Mr…, what you gonna do now? //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// He gave up his kingdom To be burdened with freedom And he remembers and he ponders Back to jail, back to jail… Well, now you're heading to the bank With a gun in your hand! Are you gonna set it down? Mr…, are you gonna lose it now?
Interesting, glittering, bothering Get me anything handy, stylish in a fashion Everyone's following No more floundering People gathering don't need explanations All in sync, trusting Straight up from the morning To the very dusk Tell me what's the new tradition With a goofy grin On all fours or standing On my head I'll sing God save the Queen CHORUS : Hey, never wonder Whether you're on the right way Slow down and it's over Now's already too late Oh, never blunder Every slip makes your world out-of-date One thought and it's over You don't need no more brains Pondering, wavering, dithering Better smothering my doubts and imagination Everyone's got the thing Just like kith and kin Ever simmering in waste and frustration Bordering outcast Sure I was deluded I'm aware at last Where is lying my salvation If I'm taking in It's no use recycling Wits in the bin Dense is the wind CHORUS Seasoning, sucking in, swallowing Their best recipe, chewed up quite beyond repletion Everyone's sickening But so revelling Gladly wallowing in pointless starvation Everything's worn out In the end they're saying Here's the brand new fad Why not make your own decisions That is really neat Maybe truly daring Like they never did Do what you please CHORUS


Guillaume Germond : guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
Bastien Jugieau : bass, trumpet, background vocals
Jenny Violleau : trombone, background vocals
David Leneylé : drums
Recorded and mixed at the adjololo studio by Julien Taillefer ("ALL RIGHT", "NO MORE BRAINS") and Antoine Livenais ("OUT OF JAIL") - summer 2018


released November 9, 2018

(c) Music : Germond Guillaume - Lyrics: D.C
- All rights reserved - Red Only 2018 -


all rights reserved



Red Only France

Red Only is a sunny funny funky junky project in which I play almost everything (drums, bass guitar, guitar, vocals, percussions, keyboards,...) and I'm helped by friends for recordings and live. (Momo : drums, Jay P : keyboards, Doun : prog and drums, Jenny : trombone, Bastien : trumpett, DC : Lyrics...) ... more

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