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A word or two A sound or none Across the city The void in-between Where silence needs Nothing to grow The first gentle crack But no so deep It might come back REFRAIN Ever and ever As some would hush Ever and ever Again and rush Away from tears And other more The sweetest wound To fill in holes That came too soon That came too blue When skies would like Would intertwine Once maybe twice REFRAIN Come side to side Rid of disguise To find out then New colors to wear I pressed my finger To my mouth As I thought I Would go for a spin Once in a while Instead of circles Eating up Cause some will hush Again and rush Away from tears And maybe more Cause some have torn Off what you know And what you need Again you've seen That I can't help That I can't tell Enough to break Down walls you make Though I could climb If shadows would line Up like shaky steps It's just another middle way
Squeeze a lime into my rum Cheers! I'll toast to friends and all Jeez! I'll drink until I'm numb Please! Bring band-aids for my soul Time for a treat Let me get my old raincoat It's gonna reel Like on a damn rolling boat No need to be mean Fill it to the brim and more So much to ease Blanks are not against the law It's no big deal Peace is all I'm looking for Maybe I'll pick a chick or kick a dick or lick at the floor Who cares indeed All will fade away at dawn My mind to smithereens I can feed it with a straw CHORUS How do I feel? Best excess I've ever known The fears and spleen and glee I'll forget them all before long Just like a sneeze It's not worth a drinking song My clock's on tick-tick-tick-tick Here's another round to go CHORUS
Now's the time I need to go Here the view's kind of lame (I'm) sick of playing tick tack toe Wanna play other games I bet it's better somewhere else I may fold a paper plane And a ship's all the same I'll get on a choo choo train Any means to go there I bet it's better somewhere else Damn, this place is really cool Thank you now what is next Got no time for peek-a-boo Gotta be on my way I bet it's better somewhere else All I need is just a glimpse Then I can move again Don't think I'm a ding-a-ling Someday I'll find the place I bet it's better somewhere else At the speed of light I gotta take off Quick and swift I'm wasting no time Here might be fine But what will I miss If I don't split There's no time to goof off What's on the list What could blow my mind I cannot sit still When I feel so high That my feet itch All's boring and grim If not elsewhere I will see it all soon When nothing's left All but the moon With my heart still unfilled Should I start again From the very first place I went to Is there a rocket at hand
Tell me what's the season Tell me what's the reason Why you're warm indeed on winter days Cause you keep the rhythm Don't you lack some vision Waste up to the knees, tell how to dance Keep your body shaking Till your mind's awakening But your dance appeals to acid rain When you say we're free, man Life is all but real great You don't really seem to give a damn If you wanna be fair And not keen on clean air Hold your breath but then you can't complain Well I've got this feeling That you're still believing Everything will be all right again There's no need pretending There's no happy ending Not until you stand and change your ways Let me set the scene and You may count to three, then Let me hope you'll realize the mess


recorded and mixed at studio "mini grand"


released October 14, 2014

Music : Germond G // Lyrics : Cartalier D
© Red Only 2014
Guillaume Germond : vocals, moog, monotron, drums, bass guitar, clavinet, claps, beatbox, piano, tambourin, loops, ...
Jenny violleau : trombone
Bastien jugieau: trumpet


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Red Only France

Red Only is a sunny funny funky junky project in which I play almost everything (drums, bass guitar, guitar, vocals, percussions, keyboards,...) and I'm helped by friends for recordings and live. (Momo : drums, Jay P : keyboards, Doun : prog and drums, Jenny : trombone, Bastien : trumpett, DC : Lyrics...) ... more

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